【Cancer man doesn’t dress up when he sees you】Is a Cancer man not interested in a girl’s polite reply|What does a Cancer man do when he chases you|The Cancer man reports about himself|

Aries boys are polite, but they fall in love with a person, so in his eyes, only that person, he will see, see the girl, he still looks, because he is interested, he is the hunter, you are the prey , he wants to stare at the prey, how can he let the prey run away?

For example, he will be happy to tell you "I like eating this noodle stall, I want to take you there." Or "Let me tell you, a certain place is a secret night scene base, only I know it, I will take you there. "Taurus really hopes this kind of place, let the other party know his life status, and enter his life field, and then know his preferences. But it’s not interesting, so I won’t care about you! Sometimes when you talk, you will say “Please, go away, it’s not interesting at all” or you, because there are many Taurus boys, so if he is not interesting to you, those eyes will not be on you stay.

Do you know who he will talk about? Please go to his friend to discuss it, you may ask his friend, "Did he mention me?" Or the friend next to him will take the initiative to tell you, because Virgos really want to be next to him Friends help him with these words, for example, a virgin boyfriend said a bunch of "Do you think he will like me?" "Do you think he will like me dressed like this?" "Do you think he will like my hairstyle Do you?" And this friend is likely to go to the girl and say, "He likes you." Another situation is that he likes you, and the topic of conversation in front of the friend revolves around you.

Cancer man: his eyes shine with you, and he likes to be with you

You will stay somewhere, or there will be some hints during the conversation, for example, if you go skiing and meet a Cancer man, the Cancer man may say "I know there is xxx snow, you practice a little, we can go together Yeah." There seems to be a future like this, a Cancer. He can't say, "I like you, so I want to ask you out." They can't say, "Oh, over here, let's skate tomorrow (or come)." They can say "We'll go later…" He would use this suggestive language to plan for the future.

Leo man: You will know, super performance

He will do all kinds of exaggerated things, like write love letters, and be very happy when he sees you, or, as long as there are beautiful women, he will start to be heroic, heroic. If he is surrounded by girls he is not interested in, he is simply a lazy ghost, a sick lion, but he likes people to appear, he becomes a majestic lion, and in front of you, friends talk about his ideals and dreams, and the shot is How generous.

When a Cancer man chooses a girl, he will consider the feelings of his family, because the Cancer family is. The elders have traditional thinking and can accept girls with different makeup. Cancer will not consider dressing up as a different kind of girl to date, they need to take the girl to meet their parents and win their praise.

Libra man: start, then become weird

will start. If they are not interested in you, take good care of them, take good care of them, and be considerate of your sisters. There is no problem. You can talk about anything, you can make jokes, and you can speak viciously. However, after falling in love with you, you start to sleep at night and stutter when you speak. and know what you should say, it may change, so when you think he is weird, your relationship will start to change, but he won't talk, so you have to take the initiative.

Scorpio man: look for any opportunity to approach you, but not to say

Cancer men have traditional ideas and concepts. They like the kind who rush to wash dishes and do things when they come to other people’s homes. They have good eyesight to see girls. I can't stand it, because Cancer men think that girls are. Although this kind of thinking is a bit old-fashioned, sometimes it makes sense. Somewhere there is a Beijing paralysis, which makes people unbearable to look directly at.

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It doesn't matter if you don't know how to dress up, but you can't cook and do housework. Cancer man likes women, he can act like a baby, he needs you to go out and make money, as long as you help him take care of his family, he will be dead set! Also, you must not let him engage in the trick of playing hard to get, he will tell you.

Cancer men like to be showy, and subconsciously advocate keeping a low profile in life, so even if they have a talent, they will not show it. And those female colleagues who show up at the workplace completely change their appearance (the boss sneaks away to put on makeup and read magazines before the boss comes), actively flattering or acting hard-working female colleagues, the kind of hot-tempered, unruly and hypocritical appearance makes Cancer men feel deeply bored.

Cancer men need a sense of security. Their ideal lover is a dignified and generous woman, not a girl with heavy makeup and fancy dress. Because such a girl will make the Cancer man feel insecure, thinking that such an attractive girl will have friends who admire the opposite sex around him, so the Cancer man will feel that. With so many potential rivals in love, what should I do?

Cancer men, they always put a protective film on themselves unconsciously. In life, they will appear serious, sometimes too serious. Serious life attitude determines that they hate women. They behave too much in front of women, and he confesses things and forget them. Then they think it is them, contempt and blasphemy, and lack of enthusiasm is the reason for their outbursts.

When a Cancer man chooses a girl, he will consider the feelings of his family, because the Cancer family is. The elders have traditional thinking and can accept girls with different makeup. Cancer will not consider dressing up as a different kind of girl to date, they need to take the girl to meet their parents and win their praise.

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Cancer people can persevere to the end, friends and lovers are persistent, family attaches great importance, and they will never give up on anything. Their family concept is in the 12 constellations, and they are family-loving and filial in the 12 constellations.

Then, they can't be filial to women. In their hearts, their parents and family come first. If someone ignores this first, then they can't bear it.

When you first met him, you knew about his Oedipus and how attached he was to his family. If you teased him, he would laugh, indicating that he would listen to you in the future, because you are his candidate for preparing a family.

Home is a warm harbor for every Cancer man, so a safe haven must be able to take care of your lover warmly, and a woman who can manage the house with connotation is a Cancer. Well, this kind of home makes Cancer think. Therefore, what can impress a Cancer woman is that it can bring Cancer a sense of security and touching!

If you are an impatient girl, then Cancer's pursuit may make you a little bit. He may make several phone calls a day, accompany you to dinner at night, take you for a walk after dinner, and then take you to his house. From his childhood, he moved out to see awards, photos, and collections. After reading all of them, you go home Time is up. If you are a reserved person, then you have to do this show countless times. I suggest you, if you like him, you might as well take the initiative and give him a little "" hint (you need to "", otherwise the Cancer man will still feel unsure). Communication between you will develop. You will see his warm side.

If you dress too sexy and wild, it will make him feel safe. He has a very artistic taste and likes women who don't embellish themselves. You have to show him a jade image and make him feel that you are a suitable mother for his child.

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